The word ‘price’ makes people feel iffy about many things, which is only logical when you think about it because a price has to be right for a person to buy a given service or product. A price can be described as the value of a product or service perceived by those selling and those buying. If there is a mismatch between value and price on the purchase end of the equation then that product or service is rendered useless or at least of no particular economic value, to anyone.

Now, after this basic flashback in high school economics let’s talk about the service prices of Clean Choice Camden Town.

First and foremost – with us the price is always right. We never overcharge people and we never make them pay for things they don’t need or want. Our quotes and pricing are unburdened by any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges – what’s agreed is what’s due.

If a quoted (and accepted) price has to be amended in the course of our work (not uncommon) we duly inform customers and explain why this is necessary. Our price lists are reviewed and adjusted regularly to keep us competitive and to maintain a fair pricing for our customers.

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